Step 2 & 3 Training

We currently have 3 Lead Capture
pages for MPB team members to use.

These pages will be set up and customized with your contact information.  The system also includes a contact management system, auto responder system and more. You can get all the details here.

All 3 websites and the entire system is set up and ready for you
within 5 minutes after you register at

You can also send prospects directly to


Everybody already spends $$$ on gas & groceries.
Don’t prejudge!

“Don’t worry about them saying no to you, worry
about them saying Yes to Somebody Else”

There are 3 parts to Step 2 and you should be
able to complete this in a day


Part 1  Login to your MPB Backoffice.

Towards the bottom of the page you
will see a section that looks like this:

Winner’s Material:

Click the Who Do You Know link and print
4 of these to start with. Or it you would
prefer use a SPIRAL NOTEBOOK.

*Why you are in your back office, sign up
for the corporate update newsletter*

Over the next few days you are going to have
a constant flow of people popping in your mind.

What you must do is get their name on a list.
This is the only effective way to unclutter your
mind.  Get people out of your head and ON

My first 3 days in the program I thought to myself
at least a 1/2  of dozen times, I need to contact Mrs. G.  I
got very busy and did not write her name down even

Anyway on the morning of my fourth day, I got a phone
call from a business associate who said.  “I got an email
from Mrs. G. last night, she is going to be awesome in this,
when did you sponsor her?”

Unfortunately my response was “I didn’t”.

Guess what I did next?

You got it, I went to the link above and printed
out 4 who do you know list and since that time
I just bought a Spiral Notebook on one of our
Walmart trips.

So that is Step 1 of Module 2, after you do that
continue to Step 2 Module 2 below:

STEP 2 Module 2

Send an email to every contact in your email
box right now.  We tested 6 different emails
and below is the one we received the best
response from.

Here is the email we used

Subject Line:  This is too simple and powerful not to share
with you!

Hi %$firstname$%,

This is just WAY too Powerful and Simple
not to Pass Along!

A totally new idea who’s time has come
and perfect for this economy:

It is a few minutes long, but it is
a real “Brain Tweak”. I have a friend
who has earned $1,500 plus received
$1,000 in free groceries and gas in
their first 5 weeks.

Everybody you know will want to
see this.

So take a few minutes and give
this some attention.

After you have seen this give
me a call!

I will talk with you soon,

Your Name
Your Phone #


STEP 2 Module 3

Send the message below to the INBOX of our ALL your
Facebook Friends:

In the Future we will be sharing with you what I have
learned about paid Facebook ads, and I have a couple
of ideas I cannot wait to test

Note:  If you have friends and family on Facebook who
you have also sent an email to, just send this message to

Hey I sent you an email

Here is the video I want you to see

Give Me a Call ASAP!

Your Name
Your Phone Number


To everyone else who you don’t have an
email address for but are your Facebook

Subject:    I am trying to reach you!

Hey firstname,

I wanted to get this too you ASAP.

I need to talk to you, but first check
out the recorded webinar here:

After you have seen it, let me know
and we can talk on phone so I can
answer the questions you may have.

Your Name
Your Email


Ok as I said earlier, you should be able to complete all of
the above activities in 1 day.

Your phone will start ringing and people will be emailing
you with Questions.   I have a couple of people that just
signed up immediately after going to the site, but that is
not the norm.

When people make contact with you, you have 1 GOAL
which is your PLAY 2

fact that they Shop at Walmart already will sink
in and they will start to see this!

After people see the initial 4 minute video you
will have 2 kinds of response.

#1 This looks interesting, how do I make money
& get free groceries? You invite people to
the webinar and send them to:

#2 I don’t think I can do it, I am not good a MLM,
I eat out all the time, etc etc. These type of
comments should tell you they totally missed it.
In this case send them to
and ask them to call you after they have seen
that presentation.

Get them on a Webinar so they can hear the whole
story from real live people and the webinar will answer
99% of the questions.

Remember this phrase, “Hold the questions”, everything
will be answered for you on the webinar”

Please get a clear picture in your mind of the process.

Play 1 Create Curiosity and Send them to the Website
Play 2 MAINTAIN CURIOSITY and Invite them to
the webinar or

Immediately after the webinar or they see the presentation
ask them to call you.

Do you have any questions before WE get you started?

If they happen to ask you a question you aren’t sure about
say,  “I don’t know, but I can find out and immediately
3-way an upline member” ON THE SPOT.

The bottom line is the quicker, faster, you get people through
this process, the better.  ALL RECRUITING MUST BE DONE

WARNING …. Don’t go to Step 3 until you are finished
with Step 2


People will sell their self on this program if we don’t
talk to much and mess it up!

Step 3

Your goal is momentum!

The business is like an airplane, the hardest
part is getting it off the ground.

You must take massive action in the beginning.
Don’t wait on anybody, you can always go back!

Your first goal should be to cycle in 7 days!

You can do that if you take massive action.

“How to Cycle in 7 Days Recorded Webinar”

You will find the recording in the middle of the page

8 Responses to Step 2 & 3 Training

  1. Edith says:

    Have a question. I don’t SEE the presentation on I can hear it but not see it .Are you suppose to see it? Edith

  2. Hey Dale and Dawn,
    What would you suggest for an email to cold market leads? I have many older leads that I’d like to send an email or a series of email to, but know that unless the subject line gets their attention, it’ll be missed.

    • DaleAndDawn says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your question.

      Here is what we have used in cold market.

      Subject Line: Here is my personal cell phone number call me

      The email would need to be modified with your info.


      If you are like me your email
      is filled daily with the same
      BLAH BLAH BLAH information.

      You probably don’t know me,
      personally but if for the next
      2 minutes if you act like your best
      friend in the world is sending you this
      email it could be life altering.

      Why should you listen to me?

      The short answer, I have been blessed
      to have been able to help
      thousands of families around the
      world supplement their income and
      remove some of the debt and
      financial stress in their life.

      I am a real person, originally from
      a small town, Stamping Ground, KY
      population 400. You can learn more
      about me than you would ever want to
      know at

      I understand that opportunity is
      never lost, it is only taken advantage
      of by somebody else.

      22,000 people across America have
      already gotten in on what I believe
      to be the best way for people to
      create supplemental income I have
      seen in 30 years.

      Why not you?

      All I am asking you to do is get
      the facts for yourself.

      Simply watch a short recorded

      The website to login is:

      You will see before you, something
      that quite frankly looks too good to
      be true.

      You will have questions, and you can
      call me on my cell phone and I will
      answer any questions you have and
      provide you what ever documentation
      you need!

      I look forward to personally talking
      with you after you preview the online
      seminar at:

      Dale Calvert

      PS. I know that if your close personal
      friend sent you the above email you would
      at least check out what is going on out of
      curiosity if nothing else.

      I sincerely don’t want you to miss this.

      Watch it, then send me an email and tell me
      I am crazy, cuss me out, I don’t care, because
      I know there is a great chance you will be
      calling me with a couple of questions and say:

      “Dale this is a NO BRAINER, THANK YOU for
      letting me in on this”

      Why not you?

      Dale Calvert

      • Roy L Voigt says:


        Since I have literally thousands of old leads that I’ve collected over the years, I’ve changed your email slightly by changing the link for, to one I’ve shortened using the service. This allows me track just how many of the emails I send out actually click the link. I can see the total number click through’s is about 1% – 2%…but I haven’t finished sending to all the old leads yet either(that will take awhile I’m afraid). I figured it might be helpful to others to know what the actual result rate is…of course, their results might be much better than mine so far.

        • DaleAndDawn says:


          I send multiple emails to the same list, same
          people over and over. I have a small nich
          list of 497 that I have pounded, at least 3
          times a weeks for the past 3 weeeks and will
          continue until they join or unsubscribe.
          21 have joined so far. (You were on this list :) )

  3. ray knight says:

    where do you order drop cards?
    thanks ray knight

    • DaleAndDawn says:


      Look under the “I Get Mine Free” System Tab at the top of
      the blog and scroll about 1/2 way down the page, you will
      find the information there.


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