Upgrade igetminefreee.com – Recorded Webinar — noautoship.com going live this week

UPDATE 2:16 PM April 14th


It is not mandatory to fill up the social merge URL, in the set up wizard.

UPDATE April 14th 1:03 PM

YouTube Auto Responder Messages
It has come to my attention that some of the autoresponder
message where sending prospects to YouTube videos that
were marked private. This has been changed and all videos
should be able to be seen by all within a few hours.

Log in Challenges IMPORTANT … most recent info, please disregard
any previous information on the subject!

I just got off the phone with the igetminefree.com support system

Because amoxicillin amoxil the system is now live, this is the process they need
you to follow.

Go to: http://www.promarketingsystem.net/CMG
and click on the CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP link in the middle of
the page.

Follow the sign up process and use all your existing website info.

You will still receive 30 days free and all the other benefits.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but when all the files were transferred
there were a few that didn’t make it for some reason.

Just follow the steps in the sign up wizard and your sites will be
ready in 5 minutes or less.



Under referral email you can place dale@danddteamtraining.com or
your upline’s email if they are enrolled.

PS Remember the training webinar on Monday night, here is the link
to register https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/187876881

UPDATE April 14th 11:32


Welcome to the Calvert Marketing Group contact management
and marketing system! To enter or change your billing information:

Click the Account Management link in the back office
(in the top right hand corner of the screen).

On the Account Management screen, enter or edit your credit
card information. Click the Save button to save your entries.


UPDATE buy amoxil APRIL 14th 9:37 AM

Over all everything is running smoother than we h ad


We had a hand full of people that were not able to log in with
their email and pw 1000. I am sure there will be a few more.

If this happens to you, follow the information above in the
UPDATE on April 14th 1:03 PM

Reminder we will be having a TRAINING WEBINAR ON

The #1 Question I am receiving is this system available to people outside
of our team, or those that have just recently joined? Yes the 30 day trial
is available at least from now untill then end of the month they simply
need to go here: http://www.promarketingsystem.net/CMG and sign up as a new member listing your email address as the referrer, if no one is referring you you can use dale@danddteamtraing.com


UPDATE April 13th 1:23

I received the email below and wanted to
let everyone know what is going on here.

Hi Dawn:

Thanks for your email update.

I have logged in to the new system and am looking around.

I love my new site http://noautoship.com/yum

But I have one comment.

After the prospect fills in their info and they are taken to
the page where Dale talks on the video for 6 minutes, he
ends with a link on the screen to http://RecordedWebinar.com/SaveyourBucks

That must be Dale’s link?

Below the screen is my link at http://RecordedWebinar.com/yum

The prospect might be confused as to which Recorded Webinar
site they should go to.

Please consider removing the link
http://RecordedWebinar.com/SaveyourBucks from the video.


Geena Gador


Hi Geena,

Thanks so much for your email. I totally overlooked this.
I have contacted the video producer to do a new video
which at the end says:

Watch the presentation below for more information.

We will get this changed ASAP.

UPDATE 12;27 April 3rd

Make sure you loginto I


and sign up in the top right hand corner and
go through the set up wizard!

For those of you that have purchased domains and are
redircting them to your sites, you may want to send them
to your MPBToday site for a few days until the websites
get propagated!


Hi guys!

Dale here.

You should have all received the email below today.

If you currently are not a member and want to use
the lead capture pages, they are now open for everyone
in MPB Today in or out of our team.


We will be posting updates here this week as well as
sending out email notifications. Please follow the
instructions step-by-step.

All existing members will have the same url’s and will receive the
service free for 30 days.

Questions? contact Dale@DandDTeamTraining.com



We are ready to go LIVE with the new platform for our system!!!

Dale here and I have exciting news and updates in regards to the iGetMineFree/RecordedWebinar website system.

Please make the time to review this initial email and those that will follow.

(To be clear in the original info below, we are talking about Midnight TONIGHT!
— could be a little earlier or a little later- the great news is that the exciting update is happening!


At or around Midnight EDT, Wednesday Night the 13th, the websites and system will go offline as they are switched over the new platform. It may take up to 72 hours for the changes to fully “propagate” across the world wide web.

Once those changes are activated and available, you will have access to more advanced features including autoresponders, a contact management system and much more— that will all be tied to the sites that have worked so well for so many.

We have also added a third lead capture page for you:


I camagra buy cheap also ask that you help me insure that this information gets to those on your team that have already been using the free system that I provided. If they have been using the system, they too will receive a copy of this email, moneygram agents but it is important that everyone reads and stays connected to receive all the announcements and information that will be shared over the next couple of days.

If you are receiving this email and your initial website request was not processed for a variety of reasons- you should still stay connected to this information. Moving forward the new advanced websites/system will be available to EVERYONE in MPB Today and not just our team!

Also, if you are someone that “purchased” a system you will be receiving other special details that pertain just to you, so please be on the lookout for that information that will be shared via email just to you.

To be sure you don’t miss future information shared via other emails, everyone should check our team training site at www.DandDteamtraining.com buy amoxil online for all the latest information including the time and date of the first training for the new platform that the sites will amoxil online be a part of.

I am excited about these changes as it will allow the system to grow with our needs as MPB Today continues to explode throughout the country.

The first system served it’s purpose and those of us who consistently promoted our websites have done well.

We have invested nearly ten thousand dollars into these systems and hundreds of man hours.

We have plans to add at least 2 additional lead capture pages between now and the end of the year, that will be included at no additional charge for you guys.

I feel great knowing that this new robust system will serve us for the rest of our MPB careers.

We’re Dedicated To Your Future,

Dawn and Dale Calvert



Yes, the sites and system are offline right now while the upgrades are being integrated and implemented, but we have something you can do now to get your system in place and ready for when the system goes live.

The first bit of information is only for those members that currently have the iGetMineFree system.

If you do not have a system becuase for a variety of reasons including being some of those that requested sites over the past three weeks while the system was in transition, please skip down towards the bottom of this email.

Current iGetMineFree system user

This is an important link/address:


Go to the above link to arrive at the login page and use the login box located at the upper right-hand corner to login using the current email you have listed on your iGetMineFree and RecordedWebinar sites that were created for you.

When you first requested a site through the Aweber form, you submitted the email address of:


This will be the email address you need to use to login for the first time.

Note: If you requested and received a change of email address from the iGetMineFree Support Desk, you will need to use your updated email address.

After entering your email address, your initial passcode is:


login amoxil generic is cheap ampicillin buy dale@danddteamtraining.com (unless buy penicillin it has been changed)
passocde is 1000

You will have the opportunity to change your passcode after going through the initial process and steps of setting up your system and back office that are presented to you after login. Please change your passcode!

After you complete the setup, you will be ready to use all these tools once the sites and system go online. In fact, you can go ahead and take a look around the back office area and see all that buy cialis is available to you! Enjoy!

Continue to check throughout the next day or so, for iGetMineFree.com/YourLinkName and RecordedWebinar.com/YourLinkName and NoAutoShip.com/YourLinkName to be live!.

New Users

Use the link http://www.promarketingsystem.net/CMG and proceed to the link for “Click Here To Signup” link at the top or the “Get It Now” link at the bottom of the page.

Dedicated To Your Future,
Dawn and Dale

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